You might be wondering, does buying a 5 Car Draw ticket really matter?

In a word, yes.

Yes, because you absolutely ARE making a difference to the people and families who need us the most.

Every ticket purchased helps someone in our community who needs our care. Every. Ticket. Purchased.

It helps people in Niagara who are living with a terminal illness and their families.

Every ticket matters. Now, more than ever, especially during these extra-challenging times.

Many people want to live well and at home for as long as possible, with the peace of mind knowing that they will have exceptional compassionate care throughout their illness. Our community team provides not only medical and emotional support, but a vital human connection and reassuring presence in people’s lives.

Hospice Niagara’s front-line employees provide end-of-life care with the dignity and compassion that everyone deserves in their last days of life, whether at home or in our hospice residence.

And in grief, children, teenagers and adults have access to a safe and supportive place to explore their feelings of loss.

Palliative care is needed more than ever.

So yes, your ticket purchase matters. It matters to every single person who has a terminal illness and wants to live their best life. It matters very much.

Thank you.