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In partnership with our community, Hospice Niagara delivers care with compassion and commitment by supporting people with incurable conditions to live well; in comfort and with dignity, while being responsive to their families, friends and carers from the time of diagnosis through to bereavement.

Hospice Niagara supports these people through our programs and services, which, along with in-home and residence care, range from day hospice to bereavement support to consultation on palliative pain and symptom management to palliative care education to health care professionals and more. These programs are available at no cost to our clients.

For the wife and daughters of Peter Marcus, who passed away on May 4, 2014, the first step of their journey began in 2012, when he was diagnosed with ALS, a terminal illness. When it became too difficult for the family to take care of him at home, Peter was moved to The Stabler Centre hospice residence – part of Hospice Niagara.

“Hospice Niagara became an integral part of Dad’s journey of struggle with this disease”, says Nancy Janzen, Peter’s youngest daughter. “The staff and volunteers were amazing and helped us through the whole process. They were able to meet his needs and take care of him when we needed help. Having him live there allowed us to spend time with him without worrying about the care required for him. We could just be together in the final chapter of Dad’s life.”
For many of us, providing care for a loved one with an incurable illness can be daunting, if not seemingly impossible. It comes with a sucker punch of reality, mixed with overwhelming waves of emotion that can temporarily paralyze us. Being surrounded by loving, caring people can be very therapeutic and powerful. A community of compassion, comfort and care is what people find when they are connected with Hospice Niagara.

The need for Hospice Palliative Care in Niagara

With Niagara’s aging population, the need for our services continues to increase. We know that there are many more people, like Peter Marcus and his family, who can benefit from the comforting care, compassion and support that we provide. With help from the community, we will continue to provide meaningful hospice palliative care and support at no cost to thousands of residents of Niagara.

About Hospice Niagara

Last year alone, more than 19,0001 people benefited from Hospice Niagara’s respected programs and services, which, along with in-home and residential care at The Stabler Centre, range from bereavement support to day hospice programs to palliative pain and symptom management consultation to palliative care team education and much more.

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1Client data represented as cumulative across all programs